Specializing in Magneti Marelli distributor restoration, calibration, and service.


With our proven history of experience, attention to detail and appreciation for the industry, we are happy to be your Magneti Marelli expert service center.




  • Test/Diagnosis - Upon initial consultation, we test your distributor to verify operation. We also document the initial baseline curve.
  • Restoration & Repair - The  distributor is disassembled and each component is inspected for damage, corrosion, or wear. The original springs are tested for spring rate and then replaced with a new match.  The distributor housing is also cosmetically restored. All bearings are replaced, and any worn components are restored or replaced.
  • Install/Align new points - The distributor is reassembled completely with new points and the condenser installed and adjusted.
  • Set advance curve; gap, dwell, and phase - Advance spring and shim adjustments are made until the advance curve matches the original (factory specification). The dwell and rotor phasing is also set.
  • Final testing - The last step of our process is a thorough testing of the newly restored unit.