Raising The Bar

We have all heard the horror stories. Over the years we have encountered them as well. Throughout the past decade we have added the tools, manpower and knowledge to handle all aspects of the restoration in house, including engine building,

When rebuilding an engine, we start with the basics. Do we have a sound foundation, and if not, what do we need to do to correct it? From magnafluxing to final assembly, we will review every aspect of the build to ensure a finely tuned masterpiece upon completion.

Nothing is more dangerous than a beautiful looking restoration with brake system problems. To prevent that scenario, we always use stainless steel brake components whenever possible.

The electrical system on an exotic can be one of the most complex and problematic parts during a restoration. Every restoration we do receives a new wire harness using modern high temperature wire with new correct terminals. Melted wires and loose connections will not be found on our cars.

Meticulous Mechanicals

Lamborghini V12 engine