“It was a long time coming”

       Well, it was a long time coming. After 22 years in an old brewery in Waukesha WI, we finally decided to move and expand our business. The old building had its charm for sure, but years of moving cars around poles and up and down ramps started to get quite annoying and took away from production. So the search was on! And Pewaukee was it, a building formerly owned by a business that was doing wood laminate production was to be our new home. 35,000 sq. ft, but it was in pretty rough condition. After a year of renovations (at times it seemed like it would never happen!), our move was ON!

All 20 employees, several good friends, and a couple of outside specialists were up to the challenge. Fortunately, we had pre-moved a large amount of our inventory so it only took 1 week to clear entirely out of our old North St location and a couple more weeks to be back up to full production.

   So, on June 4th we held our open house/grand opening of the new facility. It was great to see so much excitement at the event! Lots of old, current, and prospective new clients as well as supportive friends showed up. Please enjoy a summary of the day and we look forward to many good years here in Pewaukee.

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